Types of Fish

Arms Fish Farm provides the following types of fish for your stocking requirements:

Bass certified Florida Mostly fingerlings in season.


F1 hybrid

Hybrid Striped

Channel Catfish

Blue Catfish: usually fingerlings

Coppernosed Bluegill

Redear Sunfish

Black Crappie

Hybrid Crappie

Fathead Minnows

Golden Shiner Minnows

Red Shiner or aka Red Horse Minnows

Bullfrog Tadpoles


Greensunfish for trotline or stocking for your own bait pond

White Amur Grass Carp aka Moss Eaters by state permit we have the applications]

Gambusia or mosquito fish: For mosquito control they will eat mosquito larvae.

When in season

Rainbow Trout up to a 5 lb. average
Threadfin Shad