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Stock Your Lake Like A Volkswagen In Cost and still get Get Cadillac results.

Arms Fish Farm Recommendation Per Surface Acre

Bluegill Sunfish 250 3-5 inch
Redear Sunfish 100 1-3 inch
Fathead Minnows 4 lbs.
Golden Shiners 4 lbs.
Florida Bass 25 1-4 inch


Bluegill Sunfish

Bluegill Sunfish are an ideal forage fish for bass because bluegills have small mouths and feed on insects. Therefore, they are not in competition with the bass. They can Grow large enough that bass can’t eat the brood stock. By stocking with 3-5 inch Bluegill which are already spawning size, you can gain a year on forage for your bass. Unlike other species of sunfish, the bluegill spawns approximately every 30 days when the water temperature reaches 80 degrees °F.

Redear Sunfish

In this region Yellow Grub will infests fish. The Yellow Grub has a life cycle that goes from water bird, to snail, to fish. Redear Sunfish eat snails, which breaks the cycle. The combination of Redear eating snails and crustaceans as well as the Bluegill feeding on insects will add diversity to your food chain.

Fathead Minnows

Stock fathead minnows because they are slow swimmers, fast multipliers, and easy forage for the small bass. This allows more small sunfish to reach spawning size to produce more forage for the bass and future generations. We stock golden shiners because when bass spawn the first time, the number of fatheads will be low or nonexistent.


Shiners spawn immediately after the bass. This supplies adequate numbers of small fish for the small bass. Also, the 4 pounds of shiners will not be consumed until the bass are two pounds or larger. By this time their numbers have grown to about 100 pounds. That is low-cost bass food!

Florida Bass

Stocking Twenty-five Florida bass per may seem like a low number. This is ten bluegill for each bass. If you were stocking the Serengeti Plain in Africa, you would have to stock 60 wildebeest per predator to maintain a proper balance. This number allows forage fish to increase to a population that should last the life of your lake. By stocking only 25 bass per acre, you should have 2- to 4-pound bass in two years. The only penalty is you will have to be a good fisherman to catch them if you wish to increase the number of bass. Increase the stocking rate by multiplying an acre worth by two, three, or four. This will keep the predator to prey in balance. This long-term balance can be achieved with you having only to control weeds and small bass. Please ask us why!